About Me

As a highly rated reader on telephone lines, face-to-face and virtually, I understand not only the core aspect of the tarot, the detail of each card and the dynamics of a reading, but I also understand the skill involved and how to work both ethically and professionally in an increasingly growing industry.


The aim of the coaching is not to deliver a course in tarot, but to shape you as a tarot reader and work the areas that YOU need to be that master tarot expert! Whether you are a beginner or intermediate, I can work at your skill level.


If you know nothing about the tarot, I can help you get started. If you are looking for a structured course that you can slip into too, then maybe this is not for you. BUT if you are looking to have some coaching that you direct and is shaped around your needs, then I'm your woman!


Coaching can be done via whattsap, skype or voice call.

Sarah E Waring