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How to Learn the Tarot in just SIX WEEKS!

I am going to give you an outline of how you can learn the tarot basics in just six weeks! Of course over time you will develop your own niche and own way of working, but this will open up your intuition and generate a wealth of Tarot knowledge.

You can buy tarot courses which might make things easier, but you don't necessarily need too. Good readings come more from the detail derived from your intuition and with most cards coming with guide books and the big ol' web, can makes things easy. You can then develop your intuition and knowledge within just 6 weeks!

First step- Understanding how to 'connect' with the cards

Did you know I never learned about the cards before I could read them? Its true...the same with colour. I have been reading colour since..well...forever! I was a teenager when I started, just like with the tarot. Its only recently that I decided to qualify as a colour therapist...but the fact is I have been doing it for years.

The point I am trying to make here is this. Tarot tells a beautiful story of past, present and future...just like reading a book, and over time many people have developed intuitively their meanings which have been recorded in books, web pages and so forth. These meanings are a good starting point, but you will find deeper and more accurate meanings through intuition and with practice.

Therefor you need to understand each card, and not just read from a book. Although a book would give a very basic and slight understanding, your intuition would give a much deeper meaning. Everyone has intuition so don't worry if you think you are not 'psychic' enough.

I personally read upright and not in reverse. If you know and intuitively understand the card enough, you do not need to reverse it. If you would still like to reverse cards, you could add another six weeks onto this method, but I personally think it is over complicated. I can read intuitively with both, but I never reverse for this reason.


You will need:

A deck of cards

Up to 15 hours per week

A clear mind

A notebook and pen


If you are superstitious or are a traditionalist, you may like to purchase a silk bag to keep your cards in and get someone to buy them for you. I have been reading professionally for 10 years + and never follow these methods, but I appreciate some people do. Also, you can tap on your cards three times with your left fist and deal with your right to place your energy on the cards. Some people choose to keep their cards under their pillow at night or on their bedside table to keep their energy near and never let anyone touch their cards. That is up to you. I prefer not to let anyone touch my cards, but some do give to the person they are reading for, as a way of getting their energy onto the cards.

Thought: Instincts are like plants...in order to grow they need to be nurtured.

So, here is your simple plan (Please stick to the order of the cards- It will help make more sense)

Order of cards to learn first: Major Arcana, Minor Arcana (suits/1-10) Minor Arcana (Court cards)

A Simple Plan to Learn the Tarot

Set aside up to 15 hours over a 5 day week for 6 weeks.

Below is your schedule for each week

Day 1- 4

Research three cards per day. Read and note your findings. Any extra feeling or instinct you have about the card, note on the bottom of the page. Use your instincts...don't dismiss thoughts.

Day 5

Week 1:Try to pair two cards. See if you can instinctively read their meanings.

Week 2: Try to pair three cards from what you have read

Week 3: By now you should have researched all the Major Arcana. Do a three card past, present and future spread using the Major Arcana and base it on an event in history. Note your findings.

Week 4: Take note of any key characteristics of the suits card- Does the suit work well with

Matters of the heart, home...etc...what emotion does it bring?

Week 5: Again-Take note of any key characteristics of the suit cards- Does the suit work well with matters of the heart, home...etc...what emotion does it bring?

Week 6: Use your notes to conduct a full reading on a friend and family member.

I never use spreads, as I do what is known as a tea room spread...I read the cards out one by one, as and when I need too.

There are lots of spreads on the internet you can use if you prefer a traditional spread. Just try them out, you will naturally find your flow.

I cannot emphasise enough on how you should use you own instincts to shape your tarot business/hobby. Meanings over time have come from the intuition of many before us, so we know it works!


Clear your head everyday before you start any study. Mindfulness, walking, meditation...whatever works for you.

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